Physiological Health Care Series


Strong Joints Formula

  • Scots Pine, helichrysum, lemon eucalyptus

Protects the joints, improves joint flexibility, repairs joint discomfort, also relieves shoulder and neck stiffness, and strengthen body support. This can be used before exercising.


Sore and Pain Relieving of Muscle Formula

  • Nutmeg, lemongrass, rosemary verbenone

Strengthens circulation, brings immediate relief of discomfort caused by muscle fatigue, relaxes stiff muscles. This can be used after exercising.


Edema Reducing Formula

  • Juniper communis, geranium bourbon, mastic

Mastic and juniper can help to remove excess water from the body. Geranium bourbon can increase the skin elasticity, and promote the strength of skin elasticity.


Immune Promoting Formula

  • Lavender spike, Lemon, Monarda

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, and Monarda strengthens the immune of the body, , it can also purify the air. This can be used in autumn and winter seasons when the body can easily catch a cold. It is suitable for the season autumn and winter which our immune is weaker.


Brain Refresh Formula

  • Rosemary verbenone, German chamomile, Lemon verbena

Releases the accumulated deep qi stagnation in the head, unobstructed the head circulation, refreshes the brain and opens up acupuncture points, and energy recovery. This can be used for long-term headaches.


Gastrointestinal Caring Formula

  • Cardamom, Carum carvi , Coriander, Citrus reticulata

Carum carvi improves the peristalsis of stomach, also relieves abdominal bloating and nausea and improves functioning of the digestive system.


Hair Moisturizing Formula

  • Thyme Linalool, Lemon, Helichrysum

Deep conditioning of the scalp cell and hair, promote with scalp circulation, makes the hair shiny and healthy. This can be used on areas that are prone to hair loss.


Scalp Purifying Formula

  • Lavender angustifolia, Niaouli, Thyme thymol

Purify and condition the scalp, helping to remove dead skin cells. Can be used for scalp itching, redness, and unpleasant odors, nourishing the scalp skin.

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