Multiple Formula


Skin Care Formula

Used for functional skin care of the face, body and other whole body skin

Physiological Health Formula

Improve metabolism, physiological functions, and maintain good health

Home Healthcare Formula

Daily care external use products for personal and family health

Emotional Conditioning Formula

Increase positive emotions and help relieve stress and tension

Women Care Formula

Taking care of women’s energy (qi) and blood to meet women’s physical and psychological needs

Mom&Baby Formula

Specially designed for moms and babies, providing ultimate care from head to toe

Patented Antibacterial Test

Equipped with a biotechnology laboratory to create exclusive patented formulas


Anti-candida albicans

Restore vaginal microecosystem, enhance the immunity of the private parts, and protect women's private health.

Anti Propionibacterium acnes

Can effectively helps regulate scalp and adult acne problems and replenishes the skin's barrier.

Anti-Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Helps effectively relieve respiratory and bronchial conditions and improve the body's immune function.

Anti Staphylococcus aureus

The effective bacteriostatic rate is >99.9%, relieving nausea, vomiting and other physical illnesses caused by germs.

Antioxidant patent

Exclusive patented antioxidant parameters, resist skin aging caused by various external factors.

Airborne microbes test

Verify the sterilization improvement results through experiments and build a patented laboratory ecosystem.

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