Embracing the essence of purity and simplicity.

Since 1998

Raw material supplier with the largest variety of essential oils in Taiwan


The Professional Projects Of Us

Research & Development

Perfumers research the brand's exclusive scent, combined with the clinical experience of International Aromatherapy Academy, to enhance the healing effect of the product on the body, mind and soul.

Quality Assurance

Authoritatively guard by the Principal Teacher of IFA and has passed various raw material certification and analysis, including MSDS, COA, product certification, etc.


Complying with ISO 22716 OEM certification, we provide complete planning, formula development, customized aroma and essential oil skin care product OEM service.

Essential Oil Raw Materials

Mastered the sources of essential oil markets around the world, provide more than 200 kinds of natural essential oils, more than 250 kinds of essential oil blends and other diversified choices.