About Pureness



The largest essential oil supplier in Taiwan

30+ national high-quality essential oil farms

Pureness International was founded in 1998 and has been engaged in the trade and import of essential oil raw materials since 2002. With rich experience in the market, it has accurately mastered the global essential oil market and imported more than 200 kinds of essential oils, 250 kinds of essential oil blends, and 50 kinds of carrier oil.


Passed ISO 22716 Certification

OEM for Essential oil skin care/daily necessities product

In 2014, we started in ODM/OEM of essential oil skin care products, create complete product development plans for customers, including research and development of dosage form, packaging design, education & training, and other services. World-class perfumers also researched aromas and customized formula products, including aromatherapy essential oils, facial skin care, bath & shower products, various diffusers, mother & baby care, also various essential oil daily necessities.


Customized Formula

Professional aromatherapy team researches effective formulas

Authoritatively guard by the IFA Principal Teacher, the brand's exclusive scents are personally researched by professional perfumers. Combined with the clinical experience of the International Aromatherapy Academy, we provide various formula needs including skin care, physical health care, home care, emotional care, female care, and pregnant mommy care.

Our Professional Projects


Spanned six major professional technical laboratories, combined with 20 years of clinical experience of a professional aromatherapy team, we have improved the comprehensive demand for products.


Quality Assurance

Authoritatively guard by the Principal Teacher of IFA International Aromatherapy Academy, passed various raw material certification analysis, including MSDS, COA, product certifications, etc.


Customized Training

Customized courses such as product development, ingredients, and essential oils are provided to help the brands to understand the product knowledge.


Our History


Pureness International Officially Established

Taking "Natural essential oil, creates a better life" as the company's primary mission. Pureness becomes the best support for customers to create brand value


Aromatherapy Education and Training

2008 - Accredited by the US National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) as an overseas authorized educational institution
2009 - Accredited by the UK International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) as an overseas authorized educational institution


Further Development in Aromatherapy Training

Cooperate with dozens of top Taiwanese universities including China Medical University for aromatherapy education and accumulate clinical experience


Started Product OEM/ODM

Dedicated to the research of skin care formulas, and committed to providing one-stop services such as OEM/ODM of essential oil related products


In-depth Research on High-quality Formulas

Researched and accumulated high-quality formulas at Taiwan's Hungkuang University, and established a R&D center to improve formula quality control


Expand International Market

Established an international high-standard skin care product production line on the east coast of Australia, serving brands to overcome transnational production


Patented Formula Innovation and Development Award

Won the award at the 77th Industrial Festival - Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises in Innovation and Development


Designated as International Sustainable Souvenir

Collaborating with NTU Experimental Forest to create Sustainable carbon-reducing essential oils and diffuser wood gift boxes

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