Pureness International provides diverse services, including the development and planning of various product formulas for customers. We also offer customized product internal training and professional aromatherapy knowledge courses. With over 200 types of essential oil raw materials, we can assist you in raw material sourcing or provide OEM/ODM services. Feel free to contact us for more information.

OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer )

OEM is a professional outsourcing service. If you have a good understanding of the skincare market and raw materials and only need a manufacturer to produce the product without involvement in the design and formula, that falls under OEM.

ODM ( Original Design Manufacturer)

ODM is when the original factory is commissioned for design. Apart from manufacturing, we also provide product design, development, and improvement services. The brand rights belong to you. If you have ideas for skincare products but need the manufacturer to provide suggestions for packaging, materials, and integration, that falls under ODM.

OBM ( Own Branding & Manufacturing )

OBM is about establishing your own brand and manufacturing. If your company has distribution channels, significant funding, a professional team, and the capability to market and sell products with unique selling points and brand image, then OBM is the right choice.

At Pureness International, we offer professional R&D and production teams with both ODM and OEM options, supporting your growth. If you are still searching for a manufacturer or need assistance with product formulation, packaging, and design. Feel free to contact us for more information.

We can plan the production according to your budget and requirements. Small-batch production may have higher costs due to process limitations. Please contact us directly to discuss your needs.

|Essential Oil|

For essential oil raw materials, we can offer samples in various types, generally in 1ml quantities. 


For cosmetics, samples are available in 10-30g quantities, depending on the type. Sample fees will be based on the essential oil unit price and product specifications, which will be deducted from the order amount upon formal ordering. For large quantity requirements, please contact us directly for further discussion.

|Raw Materials|

For raw material orders, the shipping time depends on the quantity and packaging procedures. If the items are in stock, they will typically be shipped within 3-7 working days after placing the order. For special raw materials or larger orders, the estimated time will vary based on the actual situation. 


For OEM or ODM business, if all packaging materials are ready, the shipment will be made within 21 working days after placing the order. If you have specific requirements, please contact us directly, and we will be happy to assist you.

the first time?
Pureness International is an integrated OEM factory. We can assist you with product planning, market analysis, packaging design suggestions based on your needs, and provide customized product education. Our experience can help you quickly start your skincare brand, even if it's your first time. For more details, please feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to help.

To ensure the quality, stability, and safety of your products, we only accept raw materials from international suppliers in their original containers (developed or procured by the customer) for manufacturing. 

Please make sure that the raw materials comply with the INCI cosmetic ingredient international naming system and are accompanied by an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), CAS NO. (Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number), and COA (Certificate of Analysis) from the material supplier to avoid illegal additives. Adding unknown materials to the products may pose risks to consumers. 

If you have any questions about providing your own raw materials for OEM production, please contact us, and we'll be glad to assist you.