Bath & Cleansing



Facial Cleansing Series

Used to clean water-soluble dirt on the face, including dust, sweat, etc., can be developed according to texture, ingredients, uses, efficacy and other needs.

Anti-acne/whitening facial cleanser, amino acid facial cleanser


Makeup Remover Series

Adding oil to the product can melt the makeup, and use emulsifiers to fuse oil and water to clean dirt. It can be developed according to needs such as oil content and detergency.

Makeup remover lotion, makeup cleansing oil, makeup cleansing balm.


Exfoliation Series

To help the skin remove old and dead skin cells, physical exfoliation (scrub particles) or chemical exfoliation (fruit acid/salicylic acid) can be developed according to needs.

Exfoliating cream, body scrub


Bath Series

Used to cleanse the skin, take away sweat and dirt, and keep skin soft and moisturized. Can be developed according to texture, efficacy, various skin types and needs.

Shower oil, shower gel, shower powder


Shampoo Series

Removes dust, oil, dandruff from hair and conditions the scalp. Can be developed according to texture, efficacy, various skin types and needs.

Shampoo, shampoo gel, shampoo powder



Made from oils, waxes, rosin or fatty acids through saponification reaction, it can be developed according to the needs of usage, efficacy, various skin types, etc.

Cleansing soap, essential oil soap

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