Facial Skin Care




Use it in the first step of skin care. It has a thin texture and helps the skin replenish moisture.Can be developed based on needs such as texture, ingredients, uses, and efficacy.

Moisturizing toner, whitening lotion



Used after toner, the texture is thicker and helps the skin to supplement functions. Products can be developed based on efficacy, various skin types and needs.

Anti-wrinkle essence, functional ampoule


Essence Oil

Formulated with natural plant essential oils to help moisturize and stabilize the skin. Can be developed based on appearance, fragrance, needs, active ingredients, etc.

Facial essential oil



Used in the last step of facial care, it can help the skin retain moisture. Can be developed according to texture, efficacy, various skin types and needs.

Anti-wrinkle creams, facial creams


Gel/frozen mask

The special hydro-jelly mask texture is refreshing and non-greasy when used on the skin. It can help enhance moisturizing and hydration, while also inhibiting oiliness in the skin.

Hydrating cream, moisturizing gel


Facial mask

Improve facial moisturizing and improve dry skin. Different materials can be selected according to needs, such as sheet mask, bio-fiber mask, silicone mask, etc.

Moisturizing Mask, Brightening Mask

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