Scented Candles

The main ingredients are soy wax, beeswax, paraffin, etc., which are combined with candle wicks. They can be developed according to the needs of ingredients, candle wicks, and customized fragrances.

Using natural plant essential oils imported from all over the world


Perfume Series

Customized fragrances such as top notes, middle notes, and base notes can be formulated according to the product's requirements, and are made with fragrance-lasting ingredients derived from natural plants.

Perfume, eau de toilette, cologne


Fragrance Spray

Can be developed according to the usage situation, ingredient efficacy and other needs, such as products used to remove odours from clothes and spaces, and increase indoor aroma.

Space spray, clothing fragrance spray, essential oil fragrance spray


Indoor Diffuser

The fragrance comes out quickly, it uses the capillary phenomenon of diffusion and evaporation to diffuse the fragrance in the environment. Can be developed according to customized fragrance requirements.

Diffuser bottle, diffuser stone

Recommended Bottle Selection

Due to the large number of bottle types and accessories, the following are recommended essential oil bottles based on product

Complete Product Display

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