Aromatherapy Essential Oil



Single Essential Oil

Pure essential oil extracted from specific parts of a single plant, without any processing or mixed with other essential oils, has a unique molecular structure and efficacy.

250+ Single essential oils


Essential Oil Blends

In response to "specific purposes", essential oils blended from two or more 100% pure essential oils, and have two or more compound effects.

100+ Essential oil blends


Massage Oil

Pure plant medium oil blended with high-purity essential oils. Because most essential oils are too pure and cannot be directly contacted with the skin, they need to be diluted with massage oil.

Body/face massage oil, aromatherapy massage oil


Aromatherapy Hydrosol

The substance obtained when extracting essential oils by distillation, and condenses into a liquid with natural chemical molecules during the distillation process.

Various essential oil hydrosols

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