Raw Material Introduction|Lotus pink

Lotus pink

Scientific nameNelumbo nucifera
Classification|Flower series
Specifications|500g-25kg Please contact sales for details
Extraction part|Flower
Extraction method | Abs.
Plant family|Nymphaeaceae
Aroma|Rich and sweet floral, fruity and leathery aromas


Pink lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) is also called Indian lotus, sacred lotus, or simply lotus. Nelumbo is a perennial herbaceous water-producing plant. It is native to ancient India and later found from Vietnam to Afghanistan. It is generally distributed in subtropical and temperate regions such as Central Asia, West Asia, North America, India, China, and Japan. There are more than 800 cultivated species. Lotus can be propagated by seeds or rhizomes. In particular, its seeds can survive for thousands of years. Some scientists have cultivated some thousand-year-old lotus seeds, and the resulting lotus flowers are still full of vitality. Ancient lotus seeds dating back thousands of years have been unearthed in Pulandian District, Dalian City, China. Two ancient lotus seeds discovered at the Yangshao Cultural Site in Dahe Village, Zhengzhou, China, are more than 3,000 years old, but they are too precious and have not been tested for cultivation.

Lotus prefers an environment with high heat and humidity. For varieties distributed in temperate zones, the evergreen parts will wither on the soil in winter and the lotus stems will swell. Most of the tropical varieties have evergreen parts that do not wilt, and the lotus stems do not swell significantly. The lotus symbolizes patience and peace. It grows in the mud and will bloom large and gorgeous flowers on the water surface with flat and wide leaves. The flowers may be pink, white or blue. The flowers exude a unique fragrance. In Buddhist culture, they also symbolize Eternal life and transcendence. Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, is known as the "Auspicious Goddess". She combines wealth, magnificence, fertility, and vitality. She holds a pink lotus, so the pink lotus also symbolizes bringing good luck

Lotus essence needs to be aged before it can condense its fragrance. Pink lotus essence is a dark pink viscous liquid with a fragrant and sweet aroma, giving people a sense of tranquility and elegance.

▎Component Analysis

|Main Component

The ingredients are complex and diverse, including caryophyllene oxides, ß-caryophyllene, Cis Jasmone, 1.4-dimethoxybenzene, and other trace components.

|Types of Lotus

ItemPink LotusWhite LotusBlue Lotus
Latin nameNelumbo nuciferaNelumbo nuciferNymphaea caerulea
AromaIt has a rich and sweet floral aroma as the main note, with fruity and leather notes.The aroma is sweeter, with animal and herbal aromas.It has the strongest aroma, and some people might not like it the first time they smell it.

Research Validation

▸ The regulation of memory impairment, brain damage, and biochemical characteristics by pink lotus extract in rats has been studied.

▸ The extract from pink lotus petals, based on in vitro experimental results, shows potential for use in cosmetics.

|Raw Material Certifications


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