Raw Material Introduction|Palo Santo

Palo Santo

Scientific nameBursera graveolens
Classification|Wood series
Specifications|500g-25kg Please contact sales for details
Extraction part|Wood
Extraction method | Distillation
Plant family|Olivelaceae
Aroma|Fresh and sweet, with citrus and mint fragrance

Essential Oil Introduction

Palo Santo was discovered in South America, but it still belongs to the same plant category as frankincense. Its lifespan is about 80-90 years. When the trunk falls naturally, some locals make incense from it to repel wild bugs, while others chop it into pieces. It is used as incense in purification rituals, and some are used to distill it into meditation essential oils.

Only after the tree trunk falls and is left to decompose in the forest for several years, the resin will be forced into the core of the wood to form essential oils, these essential oils are then distilled. Like frankincense, Palo Santo is also regarded as a spiritual essential oil. In the Inca tradition, it was used to purify the air, drive away negative energy, and bring good luck.

▎Component Analysis

|Main Component:Limonene

Its main component is limonene, accounting for about 45-80%. Other components include α-terpineol, p-cymene, carvone, β-bisabolene, etc., which may be different depending on the source of the planting area or whether the bark is red or white.

|Research Validation

▸ There is research related to the effects of adding Palo Santo essential oil to gel preparations on local skin candidiasis.

▸ Research on the chemical components found in Palo Santo essential oil is expected to lead to the development of an anti-proliferative product.

|Raw Material Certifications


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