【Media Coverage】Can Essential Oils Truly Transform Your Skin? Science Experiments Unravel the Myth!

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the society is becoming more health-conscious, paying greater attention to mental health and stress levels than ever before. Many aromatherapy brands focusing on scent healing are gradually gaining importance, with an increasing number of individuals preferring to use essential oil products. However, there is a significant disparity in the quality of essential oils, as there is currently no global organization providing certification for essential oil's quality. So, the question remains: Do essential oils truly have therapeutic effects, and is there scientific evidence to support this?

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To further verify the efficacy of essential oils on the human body, an essential oil company in Taichung 'Pureness International' is actively engaged in developing various essential oil formulas, attempting to discover the golden ratio formula that is effective for consumers.

In the experimental project for skin whitening, essential oils such as Thyme linalool, Cypress, and Angelica root have shown significant effects in reducing melanin. Researchers also revealed that the company is currently refining the golden ratio of these three essential oils blend to not only ensure efficacy but also to impart a pleasant fragrance to the product. Additionally, experiments are being conducted with essential oils of Helichrysum, Petitgrain, and German chamomile to study their skin allergy suppression and anti-inflammatory properties. Surprisingly, it was found during cell experiments that Helichrysum, that commonly found in the market, decreases cell survival during anti-inflammatory processes, casting doubt on its anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers stated that further experiments are needed to confirm this.

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In addition to actively certifying the efficacy of essential oils, Pureness has also collaborated with Professor Hu from Providence University to conduct IRB human clinical trials. Using the inhalation method of essential oils, we observed the changes in autonomic nervous system relaxation with age. The experimental results revealed that a blend of single essential oils: Vetiver, Neroli, and Lavender showed significant improvement in autonomic nervous system relaxation. However, due to the milder nature of blended essential oils, younger participants exhibited smaller autonomic nervous system responses after inhaling the oils compared to older participants. Researchers analyzed that because older participants have slower cell turnover, the changes in autonomic nervous system response after inhaling the essential oils were more pronounced.

As the demand for essential oils in the market continues to grow, the trend is not only towards fragrance-based oils or diffusers for space aromatization but also towards the popularity of skincare products formulated with natural essential oils as a base. These include essential oil shower gels, creams, and serums. Companies also reveal plans to apply the experimental results' formulas to more everyday items and cosmetics, allowing you to not only enjoy the aroma of essential oils but also further aid in health and relaxation of the mind and body!

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