The 2021 PCHI Leadership Summit had just ended, where Pureness discussed the trends in the essential oil market and unveiled the secrets of essential oil ingredients. Among them, the popular "oil-based skincare" trend cannot be ignored. It has overturned many people's perceptions. So what exactly is oil-based skincare?

In fact, the lipid components between our skin cells are mostly oils. To put it simply, our skin barrier is like a wall composed of corneocytes and intercellular lipids. On the outermost layer of the wall, there is a sebum film, which is the natural skincare product secreted by our skin. The sebum produced by the sebum film helps moisturize the skin, locking in the skin's moisture and the moisture we replenish, thereby enhancing the moisturizing effect and improving dryness and dehydration.

Therefore, our skin is actually lipophilic. However, the amount of sebum secreted by the sebum film is closely related to factors such as the environment, temperature, and individual age. For example, in winter, the skin tends to feel dry. Additionally, as we age, the secretion of sebum by the sebum film decreases. At this time, it is necessary to supplement the skin with appropriate oils to moisturize and nourish the skin. This concept is known as "oil-based skincare."

Oil-based skincare means using lipid components that are similar to and beneficial for the sebum film to improve skin dryness caused by reduced sebum production. Pure hydration alone cannot achieve optimal results. If you feel that your skin is always dry no matter how much you hydrate, today I recommend using beauty oils to help repair the skin's stratum corneum.

Beauty oils are highly efficient and pure skincare favorites that provide nourishment to the skin and are quickly absorbed. On the other hand, they lock in moisture with lipids, maximizing the moisturizing effect. Because they are so effective, they have become wildly popular. However, many people may worry about developing acne or already have oily skin and wonder how to adopt oil-based skincare. It is crucial to be cautious and use beauty oils with simple formulations. I recommend several excellent and effective beauty oils and introduce the trending three oils and three waters skincare method from Xiaohongshu. By incorporating it into your routine just twice a week, you can achieve a radiant and hydrated glow that surpasses the results of a spa treatment. Your face will still be moisturized when you wake up the next day!

Especially after a summer season, spending long hours in air-conditioned rooms can cause skin dryness. Good beauty oils can help lock in moisture and prevent skin from feeling thirsty. For friends with oily or acne-prone skin, it is advisable to first address the issue of excess oil and internal dryness before attempting oil-based skincare. Adding more oil may burden the skin.

First, the first step of the three oils and three waters skincare method:

After washing your face, apply face oil directly. Take an appropriate amount of beauty oil and rub it in your palms until it feels slightly warm. Then, press it onto your face and massage for five minutes until the skin fully absorbs it.

You can also focus on areas with deeper wrinkles, such as marionette lines and nasolabial folds, and apply extra pressure.

The second step is to apply the toner directly.

Pour an appropriate amount of toner into your palms, use the same amount as usual, gently press it onto your face with your palms, and slowly press until fully absorbed.

Now, the most important step is here.

Follow the sequence of oil → water → oil → water. Apply the beauty oil three times and the toner three times in total, completing the "three oils and three waters" process!

Finally, the last step is to seal in moisture with a moisturizing cream.

uring seasonal transitions or in winter when the skin is extremely dry, when the skin condition is unstable, or when dry and itchy skin is an issue, you can apply a layer of moisturizing cream as the final step to lock in moisture. This allows the beauty oil and toner to penetrate deep into the skin, resulting in a hydrated and bright complexion resembling a "water-boiled egg" the next morning.

You can incorporate the three oils and three waters method into your skincare routine once or twice a week. After using it, you will definitely feel the difference.

Here are a few well-known essential oils that are also very helpful for skincare.


Rose essential oil

The geraniol found in rose essential oil enhances skin protection and hydration, promotes circulation and balance, tightens and tones enlarged pores, resulting in smoother and more moisturized skin.


Osmanthus essential oil

Osmanthus essential oil has excellent anti-aging effects, containing ionones that are suitable for combination skin with oily exterior and dry interior, as well as for skin with enlarged pores. It provides effective repair and nourishment for dry and aging skin.


Frankincense essential oil

The savior for dry skin.

The most remarkable feature of frankincense essential oil is its ability to give "new life to aging skin." It has excellent effects in improving skin firmness and smoothing out wrinkles, leaving the skin radiant and luminous.


Immortelle Essential Oil

With excellent anti-aging and repairing effects, it contains nerolidol, which promotes cell regeneration and fights free radicals.

The range of essential oils is vast, and you can consult an aromatherapist or search for information online to find the ones that are suitable for your skin condition or target specific skin concerns. Only then can you discover your destined oil!