Aromatherapy: Assisting in the Normalization of Defending Against the Novel Coronavirus

As COVID-19 Gradually Normalizes and Masks Loosen, How Can We Better Protect Ourselves?

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The COVID-19 pandemic not only poses a threat to people's physical health but also brings about psychological stress. According to a scientific briefing released by the World Health Organization in March 2022, during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, global rates of anxiety and depression increased by 25%. Therefore, while taking proper measures for medical protection, we also need to address emotional responses in the face of the pandemic and alleviate psychological stress.

The "National Handbook for Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic" issued by China's National Health Commission mentions the following common emotional reactions:

Anxiety and Suspicion (Linking various discomforts to COVID-19 and doubting whether one is infected.)

Fear and Anxiety (Avoiding using elevators and touching doorknobs, excessive handwashing, disinfection, reluctance to go out, and even avoid visiting hospitals.)

Anger and Irritability (Extreme sensitivity, getting agitated over trivial matters, outbursts, and impulsive behavior.)

Depression and Sadness (Feeling extremely fatigued, mentally drained, difficulty concentrating, and experiencing sleep problems.)

Fear and Dread (Experiencing feelings of fear and dread.)

Blind Optimism (Holding mistaken beliefs such as "the pandemic is distant and not dangerous" or thinking one is invulnerable to infection, disregarding advice from friends and family, and neglecting protective measures.)

Loneliness and Isolation (For some individuals, the pandemic may result in being isolated in a foreign place, leading to feelings of loneliness and isolation.)

Impulsivity and Agitation (Suppressing emotions can lead to impulsive and irrational emotional and behavioral responses.)

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Experiencing negative emotions can have adverse effects on our bodies, such as palpitations, headaches, physical discomfort, severe sleep problems, and even a weakened immune system. Therefore, when we experience such symptoms, it is essential to be alert to the possibility of underlying psychological issues. To prevent or alleviate psychological stress, apart from regularly communicating with family and friends, employing techniques like deep breathing and muscle relaxation for relaxation and boosting spirits, we can also utilize the properties of essential oils, which can combat anxiety, depression, and bacteria, creating an anti-viral environment for ourselves and our families.

The Emotional Regulation Effects of Essential Oils

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Derived from plants, essential oils contain a variety of natural aromatic molecules that contribute to both the mental and physical balance of human beings. Aldehyde compounds can invigorate the mind and dispel anxiety, phenylpropanes can stimulate the heart, counteract feelings of despair, and enhance psychological satisfaction. Esters can soothe and calm the central nervous system, among others.

The Antiviral Effects of Essential Oils

Many people associate essential oils with relaxation and mood enhancement, but there is considerable research indicating their significant effects in combating influenza viruses.

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In a 2016 article titled "The Latest Review of the Antibacterial Properties and Action Mechanisms of Plant Essential Oils on Human Pathogens," it was shown that essential oil extracts from plants such as basil, citrus, fennel, lemongrass, thyme, rosemary, and lavender demonstrated substantial antibacterial activity against various fungal pathogens.

In 2016, the "Journal of Chongqing University: Natural Science" published an article titled "Data Mining and Value Analysis of Traditional Chinese Medicine Essential Oils in Preventing and Controlling Infectious Diseases, with a Focus on COVID-19." The article provides a comprehensive review of the significant role of traditional Chinese medicine essential oils in preventing infectious diseases, highlighting how the use of these oils has become a new concept and approach in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

Additionally, there are hundreds of research papers discussing the antiviral effects of essential oils, and continuous studies are being conducted on how essential oils can enhance the human immune system.

Recommended Germ Protection Scents for Home Environment

① Living Room

The living room is a common area in the home and is typically the largest space. It is suggested to choose a scent that creates a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere.
• Recommended method: Diffusion (using an essential oil spray machine)
• Recommended blend: Cedarwood + Cypress + Bitter Orange Leaf

② Bedroom

For the bedroom, which is a resting space, it is recommended to choose a soothing and relaxing aroma.
• Recommended method: Diffusion (aroma lamp)
• Recommended blend: True Lavender + Sweet Orange

③ Study Room

It is suggested to use an aroma that enhances concentration, efficiency, and aids in meditation during reading and work.
• Recommended method: Diffusion (wood diffuser, stone diffuser)
• Recommended blend: Eucalyptus Globulus + Lemon + Sandalwood

④ Kitchen

For the kitchen and dining area, consider an aroma that promotes relaxation and enhances appetite.
• Recommended blend: Diffusion (aroma spray)
• Recommended method: Sweet Orange + Grapefruit

⑤ Bathroom

Refresh the bathroom, maintain a fresh and antibacterial atmosphere at all times.
• Recommended method: Diffusion (wood diffuser, stone diffuser)
• Recommended blend: Tea Tree + Lemon Eucalyptus

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In addition to indoor diffusion, when cleaning, you can use 20 drops of Sweet Orange and 20 drops of Lemon, mix with emulsifier, add 20ml of pure water, and spray it in the space or at home with a spray pot, effectively maintaining a pleasant mood while cleaning.

Traveling Germ Protection Guide

As a plant essential oil company with more than 20 years of experience in the field of natural essential oils, Pureness has established a laboratory with the academic community to jointly research and develop effective essential oil formulas. We have developed and produced a variety of antibacterial and disinfecting products and can provide professional OEM/ODM services.

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① Portable Essential Oil - Nasal and Oral Oil

Spray in the nasal cavity before traveling to effectively prevent PM2.5 particles, especially suitable for children and individuals with weak resistance. Protect the nose and mouth, facilitate smooth breathing, antibacterial, and anti-allergic, soothe the mood, and it's convenient to carry around. After eating out, spray twice into the oral cavity for effective oral cleaning, freshening the breath, and antibacterial and anti-allergic effects. When experiencing discomfort in the throat due to significant temperature changes, spray twice into the oral cavity, swallow continuously to alleviate discomfort, inflammation, and other conditions.
• Usage method: Inhalation (spray)
• Main blend: Yarrow + Rosemary Verbenone + Tea Tree

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Image Source:Pexels

② Protective Mask - Antibacterial Essential Oil

Plant essential oil molecules can enhance the immune function of the respiratory tract, effectively kill bacteria and microorganisms; filter the air, resist bacteria and viruses, protect oneself from infection, and prevent mask-face issues (skin problems caused by long-term wearing of masks in hot and humid environments).
• Usage method: Spray method (special fabric spray process)
• Main blend: Eucalyptus Globulus + Rosemary Verbenone + Clove Flower Bud

③ Disinfectant Spray - Essential Oil Spray

Spray and disinfect before touching public items (such as elevator buttons, staircase handrails) to resist bacteria and protect oneself; you can also spray and disinfect clothes before entering home.
• Usage method: Spray method
• Main blend: Clove Flower Bud + Lemon + Rosemary Verbenone

Heading into the post-pandemic era, taking measures for family defense and enhancing individual immunity, let's build a plant essential oil protection barrier together. Pureness walks alongside you!

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